100 double-sided word folders from faux leather and cardboard, old desk, old desk lamp
O Nemcima
wallinstallation, ca, 5 x 3 meter, *EXIT [Ausgang] – *, Ein begehbares Sprachgehäuse, Gallery lothringer13 in München 2010.

The idea for this work has emerged from building the Visionerski Transport Raft in summer 2008 in BiH.
Whenever we ran out of the English names for the tools, we finally had to break out in laughter - because, if we would have spoken in our native languages, we would have imediatly understood each other. The name of screwdriver (Schraubenzieher) is on Serbo - Croatian šrafciger, Zange means cangle and further on.

Over 2000 Germanism (Germanizmi) have emigrated since the middle ages with miners, artisans, soldiers and settlers from the German-speaking part into the territory of former Yugoslavia.

Especially during the occupation by the Hapsburg Empire and the Yugoslav wave of immigrant workers in the 60s and 70s towards Germany, things and characteristics were brought along by Germans and from Germany to the Serbo - Croatian language area. There they were incorporated by name and phonetecly adapted to the Serbo - Croatian Language.

In sum, the words create a map-like self-description of German and Austrian peculiarities and oddititys.